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Table Topper front: Trufas legendarias. Picture Chef Pierre Draps. Porque sabemos conservar las tradiciones en las que confiamos y evolucionar en innovación y artesanía, desde los inicios hasta nuestras últimas creaciones, las trufas seleccionadas para esta colección son un homenaje a la pasión y a la maestría de nuestro chef a lo largo de su carrera. Una colección en edición limitada que ofrece un viaje en el tiempo realmente único. Disfrútela. A5 Table Topper back: 1946_Truffe Draps. Created by our Chef Chocolatier, Pierre Draps, an intense dark chocolate cream in fine dark chocolate and rolled in pure cocoa powder – simply irresistible. 1950_Truffe Draps Praliné. Our original Chef Chocolatier Pierre Draps’ signature praline. A creamy chocolate and praliné mousse surrounded by dark chocolate and sprinkled with dark chocolate flakes – a mouthwatering delight. 1966_Truffe Explorateur. Created to mark the occasion of our first offering in New York. A silky milk chocolate cream with cocoa nibs surrounded in milk chocolate, elegantly decorated with fine dark chocolate – pure indulgence. 1999_Truffe Mathilde. To celebrate the wedding of Belgium's Crown Prince Philippe to Princess Mathilde, Godiva created a coffee ganache covered in dark chocolate and hand finished with a regal 'M' – a royal treat. 2009_Truffe Noir Intense. Creada por nuestro Chef Chocolatero, Thierry Muret, para deleite de los amantes del chocolate negro. Ganache de chocolate negro de Uganda 80% ligeramente ahumado envuelto en nuestro chocolate negro legendario y decorado con trocitos de cacao caramelizados. Un sabor sensacional. 2013_Truffe Perle Noire. Pac Rim/China and NA. Our Chef Chocolatier, Thierry Muret, created a 58% Congolese cocoa dark chocolate ganache, its mocha, honey and fruit accents blend perfectly with the Tahitian vanilla, enrobed in dark chocolate, then rolled in jet black cocoa powder – an amazing taste experience. Japan/GTR/EMEA. - Our Chef Chocolatier, Thierry Muret, created a 64% Peruvian cocoa dark chocolate ganache, its fresh fruity notes and slightly bitter cocoa taste blend perfectly with the Tahitian vanilla, enrobed in dark chocolate, then rolled in jet black cocoa powder – an amazing taste experience. Our Signature Truffl es. Table top front Godiva’s core truffles to delight connoisseurs are created by combining innovative technologies and carefully chosen new ingredients into well-guarded traditional Godiva recipes. We have retained some of our traditional truffles, beloved by many people around the world, and added some totally new pieces.The sophisticated gift box offers the full depth and breadth of our world famous truffle collection. This collection represents our passion for perfection.Discover our Trufas Signature collection and indulge!Table top Back & counter cards Praliné Brésilienne Our signature hazelnut praline using perfectly roasted hazelnuts and a touch of vanilla, coated in smooth milk chocolate and rolled in crispy caramelized hazelnuts – a rich taste to remember. Caramel Salé Luxuriously soft caramel blended with the gourmet sea salt sel de Guérande, covered in both milk and dark chocolate and topped with dark chocolate pieces – just divine. Praliné Amande The nutty caramel accents of our 43% Venezuelan cocoa milk chocolate praliné blend naturally with almond and feuilletine, all surrounded in milk and dark chocolate – a taste sensation. Speculoos. Inspired by the traditional Belgian Biscuit Speculoos. A light yet very sophisticated mousse, with a hint of speculoos surrounded by smooth milk chocolate and covered with a Speculoos biscuit crunch – a truly Belgian treat. Mousse Vanille Miel. Ganache de chocolate blanco con miel de flores silvestres y mousse de vainilla ligera, bañado en chocolate negro y rebozado en copos de cremoso chocolate blanco. Una experiencia mágica. Mousse de Lait. Nuestra mousse de chocolate con leche de Venezuela 43% con su ligero sabor de nueces envuelta en nuestro legendario chocolate con leche y rebozada en chocolate negro en polvo muy fino. Placer en estado puro.
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